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  • Unit 204, 2/F Wing On Plaza
    62 Mody Road
    Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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  • +852-3996-9741

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Who We Are

Vanway incorporated as a BVI holding company in 1998. Its core business is developing and marketing biotechnologically developed pharmaceutical drugs – Analgecine (AGC®). Vanway strives to develop drugs to assist in therapy to neuralgia and committed to provide the best and affordable medicine to patients. In 2005, Vanway was granted patents for intermediate material 'inflamed rabbit skin' Awarded as a New Advanced Technology Product.

We are young and energetic. With just more than a decade’s experience in the market, AGC® quickly became a front line drug in pain relief applications in various departments. The drug is solely produced in its subsidiary, Vanworld (Rugao) Co. Ltd. in Jiangsu.